Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What sort of process do we follow?

A.  Having made contact we would normally arrange a meeting where I can find out some background information, give an outline of a “typical” ceremony, gain an understanding of the type of ceremony that is desired. Generally this is a time to get to know each other a little and for me to suggest ways the clients can have input into the ceremony to personalise it.

Q. What legal requirements are there?

A. For a marriage to take place the couple must apply to the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages (Dept. of Internal Affairs) for a license to enable a celebrant to officiate at the wedding. Along with the license they will be given the marriage papers (BDM 45 and BDM 45 a). These are given to the celebrant and are used on the day for the official recording and witnessing of the marriage.

Q. Who can be involved in our ceremony?

A. Anyone you choose can be involved and there are all sorts of ways to include people of all ages and abilities. Two official witnesses are required – these can be anyone old enough and responsible enough to know what they are doing – but lots of people can be involved in “assisting” the celebrant and the couple in many different ways.